Date: 7th August 2008 at 12:49am
Written by:

The SPL reach a completely “impartial” decision this week by fining Craig Levein for making a stand against Mike McCurry`s disgraceful performance at Ibrox last season.

Levein will have to cough up £5,000 for publically criticising McCurry and accusing the inept referee of “bottling” out of some crucial decisions during a 3-1 victory for Rangers on the 10th of May.

“Dundee United manager Craig Levein has today been fined £5000 by the General Purposes Committee for comments made following the Rangers v Dundee United match on May 10 2008,” said a statement on the official SFA website.

“Mr Levein was found to be in breach of the following Articles of Association- 123 – Bringing the game into disrepute, 126 – Criticising the performance of match officials in such a way as to indicate bias or incompetence.”

Before the controversial match at Ibrox, Dundee United were still in with a chance of winning the remaining UEFA cup spot, but McCurry put an end to that by not awarding a stonewall penalty and chalking off a legitimate goal.

First of all, McCurry waved away Noel Hunts claims that he was deliberately brought down by David Weir inside the penalty area – when instead it should have been a spotkick to United and a red card for Weir.

Then, the whistler refused to award a United goal, after Danny Swanson`s shot deflected off David Weir into the back of his own net – instead Rangers were awarded a free kick for offside.

Then, as manager Levein was going mental on the touchline, McCurry took no action against Daniel Cousin, as the Rangers striker deliberately head-butted Lee Wilkie.

The former Leicester City and Hearts manager still has the option to appeal the decision, but might not take the risk, since the SFA could also impose an additional touch line ban if his appeal failed…. which is very likely.

“I said what I honestly felt at the time. I wasn’t going to go in and apologise for anything I said,” admitted Levein to the BBC.

“It was a poor performance and I’m still angry about it.”

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32 Replies to “Still Angry At Referee For Rangers Performance”

  • He should appeal to UEFA or FIFA… and if that doesn’t bring any joy, take it all the way to the European courts. Levein is absolutely right, and shouldn’t be censured for what he has said – he should be applauded and the cheats (McCurry and his cronie) should be drummed out of the game… not given 40% pay rises as appears to have been the case. Scandalous.

  • he was well within his right to say wht he says!!!! scottish****asscoation are always going to do whts best for rangers and the rangers fans aka referees!!!! i feel soory for craig because not only in tht league game but also the cis cup final!!!! but he can use this too his advantage this season and get his team pumped up to hammer they gimps from govan!!!!

  • steve bhoy I think you should cast your mind back to last season to celtic’s games against Aberdeen, Motherwell, St.Mirren, Rangers and Falkirk where you got decisions of referees that got you the victories when you should have drawn or lost so the refs are biased towards you always have been always will be so yous are the real CHEATS!!!

  • against aberdden you’ll find leadiing t the goalit was celtics throw in aberdeen got it plus before the ball was in the net the whistle was blown!!!!! motherwell i take it your talking about the corner but am sure the only way you could tell whose corner it was by slowing the game down and looking again and again linesman was blinded and so was the ref and law of the game atticking team gets the advantage!!!!!!now against st mirren i take it your talking about nakas free kick well i’ll hold my hands up and say tht wasnt a freekick but once again if uncertainty is in the refs mind the attacker gets it!!!rangers well there is no case for you to fight apon there if anything novos goal was debatabel because dailly took out hartley in the midfield and the other rangers game broadfoot should have walked and the ref bottled it!!!! the falkirk game well i cant think of any contreversy there am afraid!!!!but we never won a tropheys where the opposition should have had a penalty and youz should have had two men sent of broadfoot and cuellar plus five times agains dunndee in the league!!!wait a minute sounds like youz are the CHEATS!!!!!and the funny thing is you cant even win the league cheating haha so good

  • I think you will find at Falkirk McDonald scored an offside header so it would have been 0-0. No case for Rangers? in the 3-2 game your first goal by McDonald was offside and ye I agree Broadfoot could have been sent off but it was outside the box so therefore it wasn’t a penalty in the first place. So you may want to think about who are the CHEATS again mate! Haha

  • As for Dailly did Robson not use an elbow and “take out” him in the first few seconds of the same game, yes!!! If you can give it out you can take it back!!!

  • well i’ll hold my hands up yeah mcdonalds header was offside but for the game against you mcdonalds goal was offside and i cant deny tht but once again it had to be slowed down adn a line drawn through the pitch for you to accuratly see tht so for a linesman to see something so marginal so fast is almost impossible and i think if you look mcdonald was in the box when he was fouled by broadfoot

  • Slow down! what planet are you on! if the *****in thing is of side then it is of side u knober! ha what a pwik

  • well said bearblue66 thank god steve bhoy isn’t a linesman that’s all I can say! Ok then well the goal that Dundee Utd got had to be “slowed down” to see that it hit David Weir and not a Dundee Utd player. I have also seen Broadfoot’s foul plenty of times and the original foul takes place OUTSIDE the box! Haha Mr “Accuratly!”

  • Now slow down greg they may need to rewind your comment and then accuse you of being a cheat or a liar! the problem is ignorance! sheer blind ignorance! and as for UTD well they got gubbed in the cup final thats bound to hurt eh lads lol!

  • lol and steve bhoy the only tournament you have been to more finals than us in is the scottish cup you have been to 52 us 50 only 2 behind you but your behind us on every other tornament mate like the league cup us 31 you 26 and EUROPEAN finals us 4 you 3!

  • What about them? I’m talking about MAJOR tournaments mate and a european final is a european final doesn’t matter which tournament it is (european cup, uefa cup or cup winners cup) what matters though is the scoreline stands at 4-3 to US 🙂 but the most important scoreline stands at 51-42 😉 we welcome the chase!

  • Oh and 109 trophies – WORLD record! Rangers Football Club the world’s most successful football team 😉 WE are the people!

  • 51-42 you say how long more have rangers been created then celtic??? so tht proves celtic have a better record!!doesnt it

  • and you are saying the uefa cup and champions league final is the same??? have you got a brain or has all tht buckie wasted they brain cells cause i know where everyone in the world would rather be and tht is the CL final

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