Date: 10th May 2008 at 8:29pm
Written by: Tactful Sheik

Why is Scottish Football a laughing stock?

You only had to watch this afternoon’s match between Rangers and Dundee United to find out the real reason why!

All week, the Glasgow side have moaned about the SPL making a mockery of Scottish Football, by forcing them to play against Dundee United, a full 5-days before they take the short trip to Manchester for the UEFA Cup final.

However, this afternoon`s SPL match was more of a freak show than 90minutes of football, as referee Mike McCurry and his assistants conspired to ensure Rangers walked away victorious.

For years, non-Old Firm supporters have complained about the biased refereeing at Ibrox and Parkhead, and how all the big decisions go against the visiting clubs.

Rangers 2-3 Dundee United…. that`s how the score should really have ended, and Rangers should have finished with only 8 men on the pitch, but referee Mike McCurry was determined to make sure that the result went in Rangers favour!

There was several incidents that lead to Rangers’ victory:-

1./ 7minutes into the match, Nacho Novo cleverly played for and won a free-kick, which he managed to convert with a header at the back post.

It was a free kick that could have gone either way, a 50-50 between Mark Kerr and Novo, who were holding on to each others shirts, but Novo blocked off Kerr and went down easily.

Decision: RANGERS

2./ 14minutes, a Rangers player takes both Morgaro Gomis and the ball right in front of the referee. Only 3 seconds later and 2 metres away, Danny Grainger does exactly the same to Barry Ferguson and is penalised.

Decision: RANGERS

3./ 18minutes, Mark De Vries runs into the Rangers box, onside, but linesman flags. Rangers go up the other end of the pitch and Nacho Novo scores a wonder goal.

Decision: RANGERS

4./ Into the 2nd half, a header from Mark De Vries sets Noel Hunt through on goal. Defender David Weir commits a professional foul.

Without taking his eyes off Noel Hunt, he brings the Dundee United player down for a stonewall penalty. Referee hesitates, linesman claims not to have seen it.

Instead of a red card for Weir and a penalty for Dundee United, referee waves play on.

Decision: RANGERS

5./ 71mins, Danny Grainger tries to play David Robertson through on goal, but the ball deflects off David Weir 40-yards out and goes into the back of the net. Robertson was in an offside position, but never touched the ball.

Referee and linesman discuss situation, and chop off the goal because they decision Robertson was blocking the goalkeeper`s view from 40-yards away.

Decision: RANGERS

6./ At the same time David Weir was putting the ball past his own goalkeeper, Kirk Broadfoot decides to punch Noel Hunt on the nose.

Noel Hunt has to go off for treatment, but neither the referee or linesman saw anything. Broadfoot avoids a straight red card.

Decision: RANGERS

7./ 75mins, Daniel Cousin decides to square up to Lee Wilkie. He grabs Wilkies shirt and the United defender pushes him away.

Cousin then head-butts Wilkie in front of the referee. Both players are booked, Cousin avoids a straight red card.

Decision: RANGERS

8./ 76mins, Mark De Vries scores and the referee finally awards Dundee United a goal. De Vries is then booked for mocking the assistant referee, challenging him to find an excuse to chalk another legitimate goal off.

Decision: RANGERS. Probably a fair booking, but referee should have tried to calm the situation down first.

9./ 90mins, With all 11 players on the park, Walter Smith is able to bring Jean Claude Darcheville on as a sub and exploit Dundee United on the counter attack. He scores a 3rd goal for Rangers to seal the match.

Although, by the time Rangers scored their 3rd goal, it should have been 3-2 to Dundee United and Rangers should have only had 8 men of the pitch, so they should never of had the chance to score on the counter attack.

Decision: RANGERS.

10./ During the full 90 minutes, referee Mike McCurray awarded Rangers 21 free kicks, compared to 9 for Dundee United. The game was quite tight and both teams were putting in the challenges, but were Dundee United really 2 and half times worse than Rangers?

Decision: RANGERS

Meanwhile, Dundee United`s chances of a UEFA Cup slot were completely finished, as Motherwell beat Aberdeen 2-1.

Although, strangely, another controversial decision by the referee not to award Aberdeen a 2nd goal, after he judged Barry Nicholson’s shot hadn`t crossed the line.

Perhaps its just paranoia, but after watching the way Scottish referees handled the crucial matches this afternoon, anyone would think that the SPL chiefs have money on Rangers to win the title and Motherwell to finish 3rd!

Final Score:
Mike McCurry 3-1 Dundee United

Click here, to see the team line-ups and match stats

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16 Replies to “Referee Conspires To Gift Rangers The SPL Title”

  • Mike McCurry 3-1 Dundee United. Spot on. I have never seen such blatant, biased referring bigotry. No wonder Scottish football is the laughing stock it is. Reverend McCurry, not for the first, time has handed Rangers victory.

  • Craig Levin took on the hierarchy of Scottish football b4 and won ,, if he decides to take them on again he will have the full support of every club in Scotland ( huns apart ) ,, mccurry should be stripped of his badge and never allowed near a playing field again ,, what we witnessed today was not honest mistakes ,, it was downright cheating of the highest order ,, and it,s time something was done about it ………

  • I was shocked after McCurry didnt award the penalty, thought it was the linesman who should have helped him with the decision
    But, the own goal was disgusting. The player did NOT make an attempt to touch the ball.
    If the rule really is that he was interferring with play, then why were Rangers awarded a goal against us earlier in the season, when TWO Rangers players were blocking the keepers view?
    One rule for us, another rule for the Old Firm?
    I wonder who was paying McCurry today, the SPL or David Murray!!!!


  • Good article. Its actually the script for many a game thats been played over the years involving Rangers. For Dundee Utd, just substitute Motherwell, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen etc… the list is a big one. Can’t wait to see it on the TV.

  • There was no offside goal against Rangers you freak. Novo dived for the first goal today. Nakamura didn’t. The goal Aberdeen scored should not have been a goal anyway because the throw in that lead to that goal was a clear Celtic throw in. The vermin won today by blatantly cheating. They have never won the league on honesty. That is why they never have and never will win the European Cup 😀 GIRFUY, BTW Roadrunner, could you try to write in normal case. Why the caps? You have worked out how to turn off the parental lock on your computer so congrats, now work out how to turn off the caps and you will be sure to make mummy and daddy proud. Yey!

  • once again the tube that is roadrunner is totally oblivious to the point ,, Mc Curry is a cheat ,, simple as that ,, today wasn,t honest mistakes ,, nor was it contentious decisions ,, it was a case of downright CHEATING ,, and this one wont be swept under the carpet when Eddie Thomson has his say at Chairman level ,, the****McCurry has exposed himself for what he is and always has been ,, an avid follow follower of rangers football club ………………..

  • Spare a thought for Roadrunner WB mate, a good education and a good wash has forever surpassed him.

  • Arab Jacques suppose you didnt see that moron hunt clattering broadfoot just as the game started didnt get booked or spoken to as i remember all u do is picl faults in rangers dont blame us for your inability for not getting to europe have a good look at your own side they just aint good enough little team little teams mentality .enjoy your sour grape

  • “hunt clattering Broadfoot just as the game started” – I saw that and I thought he was lucky not to get booked.
    But, since it was the 1st minute of the match, I doubt that many referees would book a player so early in the game.
    You sound like you are trying to justify Broadfoot punching Hunt, or Cousin headbutting Wilkie?
    I cant think of any excuse for that sort of violent behaviour
    Remember Duncan Ferguson went to jail for taking things too far!

  • You guys have my complete sympathies mate – this is one of the reasons I don’t follow my team to Glasgow any more – it’s just simply not worth turning up. McCurry took charge of Hearts’ game against Rangers at Hampden this season when Barry Ferguson played basketball before scoring. Happens all the time. Disgraceful.

  • Best to ignore that RR fool AJ mate, he’s just a clown. I think that it is now very possible that the SFA/SPL had some form of gentleman’s agreement with McCurry before this game. The reasons being: There was massive controversy surrounding the fixture prior to the game. Rangers were moaning and winging about playing this 3 or 4 days before the Uefa Cup final and demanded that it be rescheduled When it wasn’t the media did the dirty work for them by publishing all sorts of apologetic drivel. The point is, there would have been even more controversy and venom spouted at the SPL had Rangers lost that game so in order to prevent the unthinkable, McCurry made sure that didn’t happen. It satisfied both parties, if you like. To me it just makes Scottish football an ever greater laughing stock. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not just saying this because i am a Celtic fan and i sympathise with Levein, I would honestly rather have United in the Uefa cup than Motherwell. Don’t get me wrong, fair play to Motherwell, with all that has happened to them i suppose they really deserve it. But for me, the best team in the country outside the OF is Dundee United. What a job Levein had done. Should have had a Uefa cup place and a CIS cup by now.

  • still waiting patiently for Mr Levein,s hearing ,, a can of worms we would all love to see opened ,, but never will ,, whats new there then ???

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