Fans Back Dundee United Over Biased Referee

Image for Fans Back Dundee United Over Biased Referee

As the fall-out from the Rangers match continues, Dundee United supporters are still in no doubt that referee Mike McCurry showed favouritism towards the Ibrox club.

McCurry somehow failed to award a stonewall penalty, chalked-off a David Weir own goal and then allowed Daniel Cousin to stay on the park, after clearly head-butting Lee Wilkie.

Craig Levein`s outburst at full-time in the 3-1 defeat, has dropped him in hot-water with the SFA, but most supporters seem to fully back the United managers comments.

In a Poll on ArabFC, a staggering 84% had the opinion that referee McCurry had been biased towards Walter Smiths side.

Even if the bungling whistler didn`t have a clear view of the penalty, own-goal and head-butt incidents, his assistant did and between the 2 of them they should have been able to make the correct decision on at least one of those 3 occasions.

Only 15% of voters believed that McCurry wasn`t biased, he`s just an inadequate referee, perhaps backing Craig Levein`s comments that foreign officials should be brought to Scotland to take charge of matches involving the Old Firm.

As the war of words continues between Dundee United and the SFA, it`s clear which side the supporters are backing….. and it`s not Mike McCurrys!

Final Results:
Was Mike McCurry Biased Towards Rangers?
Yes, Rangers Must Have Paid Him Off (84%)
No, He Is Just A Poor Referee (15%)

Don`t Know (1%)

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  • R.K says:

    I think CL summed it up very eloquently, “When you come [to Ibrox] you don’t get much going your way, but the decisions are usually not as blatant as that” Spot on big man! It was the most horrendous ‘errors’ i think i have ever seen, which cannot be justified or legitimised in any way possible. It was cheating of the highest order and it should be met with a severe punishment. No wonder Scottish football is a laughing stock! To make matters worse, we have these idiots on the SFA/RFC who are actually trying to portray CL as the antagonist in this whole fiasco! Its ridiculous! Forget all this talk about formations and the SPL’s refusal to grant an extension, had McCurry been in charge of every Rangers game they would have won the Champions League FFS!

  • dazza71 says:

    The smaller clubs never get the decisions. The same happens down here, how often do you see a blatant penalty waved away for a small club against one of the biggies?

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